Lecture Handouts

All handouts can be downloaded as pdf files. The handouts are listed in the order in which their content is discussed in class. In case you encounter problems downloading or viewing these files please let me know as soon as possible by e-mail.

Introduction to Green Chemistry
Waste: Production, problems and prevention
Green synthesis and environmental performance
Green Catalysis I: Heterogeneous catalysts
Green Catalysis II: Homogeneous, asymmetric, phase-transfer, photo- and bio-catalysts
Green Solvents I: Solvent-free processes and supercritical fluids
Green Solvents II: Water, ionic liquids and fluorous biphase solvents
Renewable Resources I: Resources for energy production
Renewable Resources II: Chemicals from renewable feedstocks
Green technologies and energy sources
Industrial Case Studies I: Acetic acid, vitamin C and leather tanning
Industrial Case Studies II: Pesticides, sulfuric acid and carbon capture