Experimental Biochemistry (CHMI 3227 E)

Course Description:

In CHMI 3227 EL, students will gain hands-on experience in a wide array of current techniques used in biochemical research. Students will be divided into groups of three, and will perform four experiments in the laboratories of multiple faculty members. The topics for each year are dependent on the interests of participating faculty members and available equipment.

Class/Lab Hours (Winter 2017): Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to 3:50 p.m.

Location: Lab sessions will take place in the faculty laboratories indicated in the lab schedule. Meetings and oral presentations will be held in S-217.


The course syllabus can be downloaded here.

Tentative experiment titles can be downloaded here.



The available topics for the oral presentations of a biochemical technique can be downloaded here.

The marking scheme for oral presentations can be downloaded here.

The schedule for the oral presentations of a biochemical technique can be downloaded here.

NEW! Student presentations in pdf format can be obtained here.



The marking scheme for the lab reports can be downloaded here.

Sample pages from a well-organized lab notebook can be downloaded here.

The research profiles of faculty participating in this course can be downloaded here.

Example articles to be discussed on January 12, 2017 can be found below:

Example article 1

Example article 2

Example article 3



January 11 First session (S-217)
January 12 The Format and Style of Scientific Journal Articles”
January 25 & 26 Oral presentations
February 01 Start of 1-week lab rotations
February 21-24 STUDY WEEK - No labs!
March 16 Last lab session
March 30 Last session. All lab notebooks are due!