Enzymology (CHMI 3236 E)

Course Description:

This course covers the principles of biochemical catalysis including the structure, function, mechanism and regulation of enzymes. The topics include: structure-function relationships, models of enzyme catalysis, enzyme kinetics, methods to isolate and study enzymes, coenzymes, and clinical aspects of enzyme function. Pre/Co-req: CHMI 3226 EL. (lec 3) 3 cr.


Although there is no textbook required for this course, there are a few useful resources, including any Biochemistry textbook (e.g., Voet and Voet, Stryer, Zubay, Lehninger, etc.).
1. Enzymology by T. Devasena, Oxford University Press (2010) ISBN-10: 0198064438; ISBN-13: 978-0198064435.
2. Fundamentals of Enzymology: Cell and Molecular Biology of Catalytic Proteins (3rd Ed.) by N. Price & L. Stevens, Oxford University Press (1999) ISBN-10: 019850229X
3. Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics (4th Ed.) by A. Cornish-Bowden, Wiley-Blackwell (2012) ISBN-10: 3527330747.

Current Class Hours (Fall 2020): Mon and Thu from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. via Zoom.

The complete syllabus of this course can be downloaded as a pdf-file.

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