Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (CHMI 4397 E)

Solid State and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Course Description:

This year (Fall 2018), CHMI 4397 will explore the Principles and Applications of Solid State Chemistry and the Function of Metals in Biological Systems. Topics for the Solid State Chemistry half of the course include: crystal systems and close-packed structure, Lattice planes, Miller indices and X-ray crystallography, ionic structures and bonding, metals and semiconductors, crystal defects, and electrical and magnetic properties of solids. Topics for the Bioinorganic Chemistry half of the course include: general principles, essentiality of the elements, general biological functions of inorganic elements, factors shaping bioavailability, bioinorganic chemistry of iron, zinc and copper.

Textbooks and Other Useful References:

Solid State Chemistry and its Applications by Anthony West, 2nd Ed., 2014, Wiley, ISBN-13: 978-1119942948
Bioinorganic Chemistry: Inorganic Elements in the Chemistry of Life by W. Kaim, B. Schwederski & A. Klein, 2nd Ed., 2013, Wiley, ISBN-13: 978-0470975237
Any advanced Inorganic Chemistry textbook (e.g. Shriver/Atkins, Wulfsberg, Huheey, Cotton/Wilkinson, Miessler/Tarr, etc.)
Articles from the scientific literature

Prerequisite: CHMI 3317

Current Class Hours (Fall 2018): Fri 10:00 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. in room C-301.

The complete syllabus for this course can be downloaded here.

Lecture Handouts can be downloaded here.