Group pictures from previous years

Summer 2020

From front to back: Stefan Siemann, Tyson Pilkington, Danica Goulet, Leanna Karn, Usama Fraaz

Siemann group 2019

Summer 2019

From left to right: Carly Zulich, Tyson Pilkington, Usama Fraaz, Danica Goulet

Siemann group 2018

Summer 2018

From left to right: Stefan Siemann, Danica Goulet, Usama Fraaz

Siemann group 2017

Summer 2017

From left to right: Usama Fraaz, Chantae Robinson, Stefan Siemann, Michael Sadowski

Siemann group 2015

Summer 2015

From left to right: Carter Hayes, Calvin Young, Kaitlin Richard, Suet Lo, Ananya Beruar, Stefan Siemann

Siemann group 2013

Summer 2013

From left to right: Stefan Siemann, Caitlyn Rotondo, Carter Hayes, Matthew Bertrand, Suet Lo

Siemann group 2012

Summer 2012

From left to right: Jonathan Mapletoft, Lise Montpellier, Jessica Harrison, Suet Lo, Stefan Siemann

Siemann group 2011

Summer 2011

From left to right: Jose Knee, Lise Montpellier, Stefan Siemann, Suet Lo, Nirosha Murugan

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